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Published: 13th October 2010
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The most popular choices for those who want to stay at home and spend some time with their families seem to be a game table.

These tables may also be bought by businesses who u8se them in a mall’s annex or an arcade. There are numerous types of game

tables that are available that have numerous choices of games.

A shuffleboard table is usually somewhere between 10’ 20’ long and are normally 20’ wide. They have a slick surface for

sliding the disks, known as pucks, down an alley. Frequently, it is polished using sand or silicone beads to help the pucks

slide to the score area at the end of the shuffleboard table. This is a popular game and is the preferred game by a number

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people and the rules of shuffleboard means that it is a moveable sport. Shuffleboard’s rules are that a player shuffles the

pucks to the other end of the table board where they can score by knocking their opponent’s puck from a scoring section or by

sliding their own puck in a designated scoring section.

Bumper pool tables are sometime octagonal or rectangular. The octagonal tables provide a challenging game playing experience.

Both types of tables are smaller than regulation pool tables. They have rubber bumper guards that are crisscrossed in the

center in the center of the table, and covered in a felt fabric. Each player uses a cue, much the same as in regulation pool

games, to move their red or white into one of two scoring pockets prior to their opponent being able to block them.

A skee ball table is very popular in arcades and game centers, and is particularly fun for the energetic player. The table is

made from either heavy plastic or wood and is framed in metal rings of various sizes from larger to smaller which are at the

elevated end. The players try to roll ball that is about the size of a base ball down the alley to fall in one of the rings.

Each of the rings has a score, with the smaller ring having highest point value.

The designs of a skee ball table will vary in the designation and placement of the skee ball rings and holes. However, the

general designs and the scoring levels are the same. These tables are very popular because they can be played by people who

have different skill levels and offer the game player even a chance to score.

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