The Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Dual Flush Toilet

Published: 12th July 2010
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Dual flush toilets are primarily used throughout Europe, Asia, and Australia. The conversion to a high efficiency toilet is going much slower in the US. The advantages and disadvantages of these environmentally friendly and water efficient toilets that that provide two flushes must be compared when trying to decide if it's worthwhile to abandon the standard flush system and go for a dual flush toilet conversion.

Pro: A Dual Flush Toilet saves Water

Dual flush toilets are highly efficient that use no more than 1.6 gallons per flush as compared to older standard 3.5 gallon models. The name of dual flush is the result of the fact that the toilets have two flush volumes that use no more than 1.1 gallons per flush. Therefore, approximately 4,000 gallons of water could be saved yearly in residential households that convert to dual flush toilets.

Pro: A Dual Flush Toilet saves Money

In addition to the savings of one's water bill, there are various US states and Canadian provinces that offer rebates to consumers who purchase dual flush toilets. The cost of a dual flush toilet begins at about $250 U.S. for economy models and as much as four times that amount for luxury models.

Pro: Fewer Clogs with a Dual Flush Toilet

Most dual flush toilets remove waste by means of a large trap way through the use of gravity, as opposed to the old fashioned system of pressure siphoning. The size of the trap way has a bonus effect in that it reduces clogs.

Pro: A Dual Flush Toilet Looks Stylish

Dual flush toilets have a sleek, modernistic, European look that matches many types of décor styles in bathrooms. They can be purchased in both one piece and two piece models, in black, white, and other colors as well.

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Pro: A Dual Flush Toilet Offers a Powerful Flush

A dual flush toilets isn't simply pretty and clever. They are highly efficient that flush as much as 350 grams of waste.

Con: Difficult to Install Sometimes

There are models of dual flush toilets that present a frustrating challenge for the homeowner and may require professional installation.

Con: Bowls are difficult to Clean

Many dual flush toilets may leave some residue in the bowl when the low flush volume is used. The result is that the dual flush toilets usually require cleaning more frequently.

The Advantages versus the Disadvantages

Generally the advantages of a dual flush toilet outweigh the disadvantages. They have trendy designs and are highly efficient. These bathroom fixtures ere environmentally friendly, reduce waste, and save money.

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