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Published: 08th July 2010
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Everyone needs a job after some time in life. It is very important to be self sufficient and have a source of income of one's own in which he does not have to be dependant on any body to pay his bills and fill his tummy. So, you are qualified and have completed your education, or you are a student looking for some extra pocket money.

You know there are jobs which you may fulfil the requirement for, but how to get to know where is a vacancy before it is taken? How to find out the place that needs a person of your skill. The answer is job hunting or job search.

When a person looks for a job due to unemployment or discontent with the current position, it is called job hunting. The first aim of a job hunter is to secure a meeting or interview with potential employers that can then lead to getting hired.

The different methods of job hunting or the different sources that help search out vacancies are by enlisting with a job search engine, searching through classified pages in the newspaper or online, contacting a private or public employment agency, finding a job through personal influential contacts or an extended business contact, keeping track of vacancies on a company's website in its applicant tracking system and visiting a job fair.

A search engine requires you to register in it and make an account; this account will have your resume in it. As soon as any vacancies confirming to your resume details come up, they are mailed to your e-mail id along with the details of the potential employer and interview dates or recruitment process details etc. The classified pages in print and online can be very effective too as they give multiple options for a single requirement, there are many companies that host free online classifieds and help many needful employers find suitable employees and vice versa. An employment agency functions almost like a job search engine, only offline, it keeps a copy of your resume in its system and has direct contacts in companies and with employers.

The company notifies the agency regarding any new vacancy in their firm, the agency searches through its registered people and makes a list of the suitable profiles and sends them to the company and the company calls selected profile holders for interviews and other tests. Similarly personal contacts can be very helpful too, for instance a friend in a good position in a firm can help you find a job in that firm or through his corporate contacts in some other firm. Keeping a close watch on company web sites also helps a lot in catching the opportunity first. As these websites are the first places where any vacancies are made visible by the companies. Visiting a job fair can be very fruitful too as a lot of companies participating generally has vacancies. Be sure to carry a lot of passport size photographs and copies of your resume for many companies come with the aim of securing good applicants and may require you to fill up some forms and submit your resume so that you can be contacted later on.

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