How to do a Macbook Screen Replacement of an LCD Screen

Published: 07th October 2010
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Here is how you can save yourself some time and money by replacing the LCD screen on your Macbook computer yourself.

Unlock the battery to remove it. Around the front of the screen is a plastic bezel, release the clips that are holding it and remove it. If there are any clips with the bezel, pry them up with a flat blade screwdriver to remove them. Install those clips back into the LCD frame. Remove the 3 4.5mm screws that secure the hinges and the 12 4.5mm screws that hold the LCD brackets to the rear housing. Leave the screws in the top corners. Remove the brackets and the LCD from the rear housing. The area by the iSight camera needs to be bent back slightly.

Place the LCD face down on the keyboard. Remove the tape and the iSight cable that secures the video connector and slide the cable out to the bottom of the screen. Free the tape that holds the cable assembly to the back of the LCD and move it aside. Remove the 3 3mm screws on each side and the 3 on the top that hold the mounting brackets to the LCD. Lift the brackets up and move them out of the way. Pull two inverter cables which are normally yellow and pink but may be black and grey or white and pink firmly to the right to release the inverter cable from the inverter board. Move the old LCD panel out of the way.

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Remove the 2 6mm screws on the short side of the battery housing. Leave the 3 captive screws on the memory cover bracket loose and remove the bracket. Remove the 3 screws that hold the palm rest/keyboard to the bottom case. The right screw is 4.5mm and the left and center screws are 3mm. Remove the 3 screws on the bottom. The rear 2 screws are 14mm and the center screws are 11mm. Remove the 2 5.5mm screws on the right side. The 2 screws on the left side donít get removed. Remove the 4 screws from the back. Lift the top case and the keyboard beginning in the rear. Loosen the clips that are along the side and front. Carefully disconnect the keyboard cable. Remove the hard drive by sliding it out towards the battery housing.

Remove the 2 optical drive mounting screws from the hard drive housing. Disconnect the optical drive cable by prying it up gently with a nylon or plastic tool. Peel back the aluminum tape and remove the 7.5mm screw that secures the cables. Remove the 2.75mm screw that holds the optical drive. Slide the Bluetooth board to the rear and out of the bracket. Free the cable that runs between the snubber and the drive. Use the optical drive flex cable to pull and carefully tilt the optical drive up.

Remove the 2 3mm screws in the subwoofer speaker assembly and move it toward the front. Remove three screws that hold the optical drive bracket in place. Remove the optical drive bracket. Remove the 3mm ground screw that holds the LVDS cable. Disconnect the 3 antenna cables. Lift straight up to disconnect the inverter cable. Remove the hinge bracket by removing the 3 screws in the left hinge bracket. Lay the LCD housing flat on your workspace.

Reassemble by doing the process in reverse.

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